Friday, April 11, 2003

good morning.
I am again straining at work, but hopefully will make it. Interesting day yesterday, It snowed like the dickens and yes it is the month of April. Crazy yet cool. Got some nice pictures from around campus.

I wasnt feeling as hot as I could a the night before last and Jess made me some really good pepperment and Ginsig tea which really lifted my sprits. This was really cool. Was it all pshycological? well yes, it was psycological to begain with.

I found out the big problem I have been having has been made not a problem anymore which is great but I am unsure if my thingy I want back the most will be included with the package deal.

I am already planning my trip out to New Mex and am really excited to get to see all my peoples from last summer. That will be awesome, I just got to get out there. But it will happen so I am not worried.

Umm... I thought I had alot more to say. But it just isnt comming out as much as I thought.

Thinking about going and seeing OAR when they come to town may 12th. I think that show would be really cool. Listening to the 03 Hampton Phish concert right now and having a good time. A little tired. Didnt go to bed till 2.30. I dunno why the last hour and a half of staying up was reading etc. But sometimes you feel tired at 12 then get this crazy burst of energy that keeps you up to well 2.30.
Oh well I think I will make tonight a early and cold one free night. Or at least try to.

The War is keep going on and I still dont really get it except George W just has some grudge against Saddam. Not that I like the dude in any respect either but can you just go in an take him over? Is all the stuff you are seeing on TV really Iraqi's rejoicing or is it smalls spurts that are made to look alot bigger and are some type of propoganda.
I think the next thing in his eye sites is syria but I dunno what they have their that we really want.

well im out...

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