Monday, April 07, 2003

Observation paper for English Class
September 21, 2002

William Tyler Grove
The atmosphere is odd. The purpose is the same. They sit, they sometimes talk. Friendships are built on this common bond. But they continue to sit, to enjoy the atmosphere. By golly this is part of their college experience, so they soak it up.
These are the habitual members of what can only be described as the Gresham Smokers Association. They sit all day and late into the night, sometimes as late as 3 AM. Sometimes, it is getting one last drag before class, other times one last drag before bed. Most importantly just getting that nicotine rush. But this is all just part of the magnificent college experience.
There are eight benches, in 2 groups with open canopies over them, but they don’t keep any rain off the Gresham Smokers Association (GSA) so they must smoke under the overhangs near the doors (20 feet away from the entrance? I don’t think so.) The benches are facing each other and are rather comfortable (In fact I am sitting in one now).
The common goal of the members of the GSA is to get an education. The odd thing about this smoking area unlike those in other dorms is that Gresham houses the International Hall. This “international atmosphere” leads to many languages being spoken and many different body languages being used. This includes something as simple as smoking a cigarette. If one thought smoking was big in the USA wait till he/she sees the GSA’s International members dropping butts right and left. But it is all good; I mean this is part of the college experience. They will be able to pass on traditions to future generations.
In front of Gresham Hall is 49th Street. There are no stop signs for a few blocks stretch so do the kids love to zoom past to show of their cars to the beautiful international students puffing away. Sometimes it is a little Honda or Toyota with massive rear wings and a beautiful paint job that shines many colors depending on where the light is located. Sometimes it is the old Dodge, Chevrolet or Ford with that is 25 years old with a ton of rust but an awesome exhaust note coming out of those two pipes sticking out the back. Giving new meaning to the comment “beauty is found within” because nobody could fall in love with the rust encrusting this old beater. Sometimes it is a brand new SUV from Cadillac or Lincoln with the large rims; (in fact I did not even know they made wheels that big). Sometimes there is the occasional music (well the classification of music is debatable). The music is all different types from the Rock and Roll to Rap blasting to get that much more attention.
Many people ask how anyone could resist this atmosphere and in a word I can I say “I do not know”. All the members who make this atmosphere what it is in a few words make it “unique”. The people, sights and sounds make this place so unique and I am doubtful this could be replicated anywhere else. This is by golly the college experience at its finest!

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