Thursday, July 19, 2012

Soweto, South Africa

To say the least, it was not what I expected. The joy the people have despite there circumstances is incredible.  
Welcome to Soweto.
We first visited Fons Luminis Secondary School, one of the best in Soweto.
Students at Fons Luminis.
The "average" class at Fons Luminis, 45 pupils.
The assistant (deputy) who gave us our tour. He was also an English teacher at the school. It was his first year at the school and he really liked working at the school.  
We bought fruit to take the students at Kliptown in Soweto, this is the daughter of the lady selling the fruit.
The fruit sellers other child.
Seeing the OLPC (One laptop per child) in action.
4 year olds in the Kliptown Community Center.
Scott and his new friends.
Every child wants to have their picture taken and will model for you.
A vendor in Kliptown, one of the informal settlements in Soweto.
African National Congress support is strong in Kliptown.
The water supply in Kliptown.
Dave and his new friend.
Wendy found a deaf student and worked on the alphabet with her.
Leaving Kliptown. 

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