Sunday, April 13, 2003

Good weekend.

Spent Saturday went to Waffle House of breakfast in the morning. Had the triple hash brown which was crazy good, but like heart-attack on your plate. Then went to hear Dr. Jane Goodall speak. She came to our school to talk about Hope, nice event at Bryson Gym.
Wennt for a walk with Jess and her sister and her boyfriend then had come to visit us from CUP as we had visited them a few weeks ago. That was nice then had a relaxing afternoon reading and enjoying the beautiful weekend.
Went to hear the Hightown Strutters play and to a drum circle out at dogwood.

Today went to the blacksmoth shop and worked a good while making a hook thingy. Then went to the pond and jumped in. Man it was cold. Lotsa naked people. Came back up and read more for a class that I got to do a paper of on wedsday.

That’s all folks had a nice time….

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