Tuesday, April 08, 2003

As always at work just doing my great thingy. Whatever that is.
Life is good for the most part. I am looking at accomidations for next year for housing
and am a little miffed on what to do, or who to room with. I think dorland is where I will
be living it seems to me to be the 2nd year Sunderland which I think at this point is what I
am looking for....

I dunno we will see their are alot of questions That I got to resolve and figure out but I got
plenty of time. I thought the only person I could deal with would be andrew in terms of a roomate
we get along real well and it works nicely. I was asked by fillup if I wanted to room with him but I
declined because I didnt want to live in the Ballfields. The place with a different total culture and a hike just to get
to the damn academic buildings. But hey maybe it will all work out. Well I know it will it is just a matter of time....

School is going good. Trying to keep all those grades an A and if needed stop by teachers offices and talk to them
so I can get the real Scoop and the A grade....

Tomarrow is work day. It will be my first, hopefully not my last but I will see what happens and turn myself loose.
Philmont will be great, I got to figure out how to get out their and do my thing,
Maybe I can figure out a way to get out their. Something interesting driving two cars and etc and then getting to keep my
car out their and drive on my time off and on the way back.. I dunno I will see.

Get Mike and Jeremy to drive and have Brian pick them up or something on his loop back around the States. That would be awesome....
I dunno just ideas I can look around and figure stuff out as it comes available.

Yeah sure I am just blabbing but Having a great time trying to put these crazy ideas that are in my head on paper.

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