Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Today in work day. This weird day I go with my work supervisor to waffle house and had a nice meal courtesy of the WPO (work program office) Then we painted that damn building for a good while but it was very fun because I mean I had someone to talk to and chill with and found out a lot of interesting information about him. Like his time at MIT, his children and what they were up to quite interesting in my opinion.

Painting wasn’t that bad, Listened to some philmont songs, some Ernie’s, and fighting gravity. Fred is a fascinating man that is, well his social skills are odd but once you get past that small barrier he is very interesting to talk to and I tried to be as engaging as possible. That was fun, talking to him and made work go a lot faster. I painted and assumed he had gone to his office to do whatever but I come out and here he is cleaning those stairs like a villain. Crazy because as he and I know that tomorrow it will be dirty after only 1 class... Worth it? That Debatable.

I was thinking about being an RA but decided against it, I think I need to develop a little more before I am ready for that challenge. But I definitely see that in my future.

Talked to Jess a lot last night and it was cool, She is planning not to come back, but she wants to leave that option open. She asked me if I would be her roommate in the case that she comes back. I thought that was quite weird and cool at the same time. Totally Plutonic coed roommates. Interesting and I heard the dude who runs housing actually will do it...

As I heard once,
That’s Crazy!

Well that is all on my mind right now… Actually had something to say.

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