Monday, April 07, 2003

Letter written for WWC application

I love the environment. I love being outside. I am a city boy who found his real calling to be rural areas. There is something about the rural areas that just lets my soul rest. I did not do a very good job looking at colleges and was very reluctant to go. I only applied two places Unity College in Maine and Old Dominion University in Norfolk VA. I got in both places but chose ODU because I did not really want to go to Maine (to cold).
I have had an ok time here at ODU but I realized it is just not for me. Too big and the city is massive. I spent my summer working at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. I loved the mountains, where I lived and the fresh air it seemed to bring. One weekend back in Richmond my mother told me about a Warren-Wilson College and I should check it out. A few days later I went online and cried watching the video. I instantly said THAT is where I need to be.
I think that Warren-Wilson would be a great match because I love the environment, from the water to the mountains. I also really like the work program. I love to get on my hands and knees and really do something productive. I have not visited your campus but it looks beautiful. I plan to visit if you accept me, it not I don’t want to see what I missed out on. Here at ODU I have only met one other person in my Recreation and Tourism studies program but at WW there are a lot of students with similar majors to interact and share ideas with. I have a feeling that I will get to WW and it will fit me like a glove.

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