Tuesday, July 08, 2003

...........IT was quite interesting and I got a ride back from Grayson Ky with an older man who sold T-Shirts at Greatful Dead Concerts, Now sure the Dead arnt around as we know it, they seem to still be able to tour.... Sort of like the Doors.... I mean they dont ahve Jim Morrsion and sure not one person makes up a band but replace him for someone who looks like him and mimic his experssions and mannerisms? Not true in my book.
This man, I forgot his name honestly,,,, I mean you hear it once and your mind is darting in so many directions that you don't relize what you are talking about and boom.... He has said it and you are talking about something totally different. He had sold these T-shirts and tapestries for 30 years and when asked about a real job he retorted, this is my real job. I make 30 grand a year selling T-Shirts. I silkscreen them myselve and put the logos of Jerry with his guitar on front and his hand missing part of one of his pictures on the back. I oviously had to purchase one of these T-Shirts, I dunno if from appreciation for giving me the ride or because I really wanted one. Nonethe less I pulled out the 15 dollars.
I asked him for a picture and he happily obliged, asking me to wait at first so he could find his teeth but after no sucess proceded to make a mock shop of what he would make at a concert, he took the radiator box which was rather large to begain with and put the T-shirt I had just bought on it and stood beside the van giving the best smile he could without showing his lack of teeth. A chance meeting that was so cool and will probably never be replicated but was well worth the time.

I felt weird back in Richmond. I had not been here during the summer sence year before last and it seemed odd and uncomforatable to say the least. Once I was within 80 miles of Richmond I murmured to myself/// Exactly why am I hear again? Oh ok right, yeah right......

When I pulled in to Tulsa OK I was bit annoyed by yeah sure I was holding a camera and back[pack and was definitly a tourist but The many beggars that came up to me.... It was funny becasue by the end a guy said can you do me a favor and my response without flinching was probably not. No sorry just stop fucking bothering me. I went to the Philtower, very cool designed with WP all over the place for Waite Phillips same guy who gave PHilmont back in the late 30's. The Boy Scouts owned the Philtower as it was givin as an endowment to help support the development of a program at PHilmont and was owned till the late 70's. The property in Tulsa seems very valuable.
Went to the Gilcrease Museum a nice collection of West and Native American Art, american frontier type stuff. Beautiful location, Just visited it becasue I saw an exit for it and was curious. Tulsa needs to do a better job becuase I had a bad map with no idea of what exactly I was doing... But they should have signs that say Attractions so as a place to find what exits and were to head.

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