Friday, July 16, 2010

Mexico Observations Part 2:

Other observations Part 2.
We are currently on a bus from Guadalajara to Guanajuato. This bus should actually be described as a luxury coach. The bus company is ENT. The coach actually has Wi-Fi on board that works most of the time. That is pretty amazing. Here I am watching the poverty on both sides of the bus, I am enjoying the AC and checking my email and updating my blog.

Other thoughts on Mexico

Every bus in Guadalajara seems to have a Mercedes Benz Tri-Star logo on its front. However, I doubt many are true Mercedes – Benz products. Some of the stars are actually side-ways.

As with many places in countries rife with poverty, each house is really a personal fortress.

When shopping, it is interesting that all the shops of the same type seem to be next to each other. An example is all the electronic stores seem to be located on the same 4 blocks. It is a new experience to walk by 12 bureaus of exchange, each offering the same rate. Who am I to choose?

Water pressure is also an issue. It is these little things that you forget about in in a “first world” country that you get so used to. This trip is helping me gain perspective on my own life.

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