Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mexico - I am here!

Hello, I am here in Mexico. I am at the language center here at the University of Guadaljara. The hostel was wonderful last night.It is very pretty and I will have to take some pictures of the inside. Sarah picked me up at the airport with a car and driver from the hostel which was great. We walked around last night in the centro historico and it was fascinating. So many things to see.

Sarah has class right now so I am in the computer lap.
It is very different down here but hard to explain. Guadalajara reminds me alot of Malta. Safety is not a an issue. Everyone is very kind. We had a great bagel for breakfast and I am just going to hang out for the morning. Then we are going to Guanajunato which should be much more beautiful than here. It is a mountain town. Where we are now is just sort of the real mexico.
I am very excited about this trip. This may be one of the few times that I have to sit down and just type. I am typing this on a spanish language computer and it is so funny because the auto spell check is marking every word as incorrect. I am using a Spanish keyboard which is a bit different then the US English.

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