Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Alicia Update #3

This will be short but I wanted to give an update on what I am doing. On Sunday we had a staff training day in Interlaken. We began the day with a scavenger hunt around Interlaken to get to know the town. Interlaken is very touristy hence about every third person I encountered was speaking English. Tourists are attracted to this location because of water sports (rafting, canyoning, other), sky diving, paragliding, hanggliding, etc. Then we had a picnic lunch in some grass near the tourist shops. After that we visited Alpin Raft to learn about the rafting we would take groups on during the summer. I felt at Alpin Raft that I was in Californina because the company is run by Americans, Aussies, Swissies, and Kiwis. They had a sort of Tiki themed decorating and Cali music. After that we departed for Trummelbach Falls which are beautiful waterfalls which help drain the Jungfrau, Eiger, and Monch (famous Swiss mountains). Then we had a sort of tea party in the gardens near the falls. Next we visited a Chocolate Show in Interlaken and I consumed delicious chocolates and truffles.

Yesterday morning we learned evening program activities with the program assistant. Then in the afternoon I helped cook dinner which was chicken curry, rice, salad, and baked apple with cream. I was in charge of the baked apples and cored them. Then I filled them with butter, cinnamon, brown sugar, and raisins. The food was great.

Tomorrow I am going to Kandersteg in the evening with 6 other our chalet staff members. I am so excited to take them to lake oschennssee and around the center. Then on Saturday is the kanderlodge opening which our chalet is invited to...

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