Sunday, May 24, 2009

Alicia Update #1

Hi Everyone,

Today was my second day of training in the program department. We learned about the activities offered at the Chalet for the summer. Unlike KISC at Our chalet the groups are given a packaged week program that they cannot choose. Different day activities include hiking, visiting the Adventure park, abseiling, visiting waterfalls, exploring a castle, a day trip to Thun and Interlaken, rafting, going to a chocolate factory, on site activities, the wood cutters, rock climbing, etc. The program is a lot different from KISC in the sense that our job is almost more of a chaperon than a hiking guide. I am excited about exploring more of the cities on day trips and seeing a different part of Switzerland.

On my days off I plan on doing mostly hiking. Next week I have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off. I am thinking of visiting KISC with some girls from Our Chalet. It is nice because we can stay and eat there for free.

Today I also got my Our Chalet vest but we do not get to keep it....I might buy my own. There are also nice newish Giant bikes at the center we can use on work or days off. I plan to take the bikes somewhere on my days off and go biking. Normally I will have 2 consecutive days off each week. Another thing we did today was go into Adelboden for a scavenger hunt and to explore the town. The town is about 40 minutes from the center and it is very hilly and quite a workout. On the other hand it is about 15-20 minutes away from KISC to Kandersteg and it is flat. However, the town has a lot more to offer with a movie theater, lots of shops, bakeries, etc. It is a really cute and nice town. I also like the food in some ways more than KISC because they cook for a smaller group of people so they can make more delicious food. Tonight we had bratwurst, peas and carrots, potatoes, gravy, and a chocolate mouse type dessert.

Tomorrow I will do more program training for on camp day. The chalet is basically divided between program and guest services departments. The first official activities week is about the second week of june and each staff member will be put on either program or guest services for the entire week. This is so that the people on program will get to know the groups that come very well. Earlier in the season most of the groups will be American and later on most of the troops will be English. Currently I am residing in the attic of the main chalet and next week we [other summer staff] will move to the Squirrel house, and finally in June to the staff house/chalet. Well I am having a great time so far and am heading to Swiss night later this evening.



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