Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The truth about teaching.

"While our profession is suffering from insult and contempt from the talking heads of media and policy, there is a secret that all good teachers know. We know that this is the most delightful, meaningful, and important profession. The most important things we do-- being with young people through crucial moments in their growth, modeling ethical caring, and unleashing curiosity and imagination-- are never measured by quantitative metrics. But these are the reasons we keep coming back, starting each day anew."

"The best teaching encourages students to develop the capacity to name the world for themselves, to identify obstacles to their full humanity, and the courage to act upon whatever the known demands. This kind of education is characteristically eye-popping and mind-blowing—always about opening doors and opening minds as students forge their own pathways into a wider, shared world."

from "Teaching the Taboo" by Ayers and Ayers

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