Thursday, June 25, 2009

Google Voice- The future of Telephone? My opinons of Google:

This is an interesting development today, Google had been talking about voice for a while and finally it is here. The thing that just blows my mind is how and something like this, something so common sense has taken so long to come out. I remember talking about this when Cell phones initially came out.

Interestingly Google is forcing innovation upon the major telecommunications companies. The ability for you to have one number and they all ring at the same time. Why did no other telecommunication companies come out with a feature?

I personally feel much better with the smart people at Google having my information than the major telecoms. In this interesting and global business climate, I think Google is one of the only companies that I trust. When they say they’re going to do something, they do it. When they say my emails are only going to be read by computer to produce advertisements custom tailored for me, I’m OK with that.

I also think this technology is going to help and make it harder for telemarketers to have success!

I’m also very excited of the prospect of being able to call internationally for 2¢ per minute. I would not be surprised to see Google move towards creating their own mobile phone company (or buying one).

Their innovation in the marketplace is astonishing and it seems very few companies have the ability to compete with them. Google finds the best people available, hires them and gives them time to think. There 80/20 model is innovative. It means 80% of the time is working on projects that the company wants and 20% working on personal projects that could help the company. It is an amazing concept them seems to foster an environment of innovation.

I was a bit confused today when I was unable to send SMS’s through Google chat. This is something I usually do. I personally do not use my phone for texting. I find that I am usually in front of a computer enough of the time and appreciate the full size keyboard. Using that I can respond faster by e-mail. When I’m not near a computer, I appreciate the solace of not having to deal with text messages. I fear we are moving towards a society that does not communicate through words at least talking. You can easily misunderstand someone’s opinion if you read it, but if you hear them telling it to you definitely know what they mean. I will be honest, I have not gotten to be good at texting on the traditional phone and it is cheaper in the United States with the amount of minutes the cell phone give you to just talk. Plus it is an extra 5 bucks a month for texting!

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