Thursday, June 18, 2009

Alicia Update #6

I have realized that it seems that my days off are always involved in something active and I am usually pretty exhausted but content by the end of the day. I seem to be attached to the feeling of being very exhausted at the end of the day and ready to relax either through reading or watching a movie. Thus today I followed my roommate to Emi in an extreme bike trip. I had considered biking around Lake Thun on a day off because I considered it to be a beautiful location and an active activity. Emi, however, had even better plans. She decided that we should bike from Adelboden to Frutigen (about 40 minutes downhill, not to strenuous) then on to Spiez and from there the real fun began. We started our loop around Lake Thun (you might remember it from when we visited Thun over xmas and the castle there) so our first stop for lunch was Interlaken (about 18 kilometers away, 13 ish miles). We enjoyed our packed lunches by the lake and went to the coop for cold drinks (for me it was chocolate milk) and nectarines. Then we walked around Interlaken for about 20 minutes which was nice but Interlaken is too touristy for me (lunch menus are written in several languages). Our next major stop was the city of Thun from Interlaken. It was quite hot today so this part of the trip was a real test for our endurance and perseverance. We almost went swimming in the lake but did not have time to do that but hopefully I will on another day off. Finally we reached Thun around 3 pm and visited another coop for cold drinks to stay hydrated with the heat. Next we started our return journey back to Spiez and Frutigen where we took a bus back to Adelboden. {This part was the hardest because everything on my body ached. (The grand finale.....the total biking portion of our trip was 100 kilometers= 62 miles). I definitely know that my bum will be sore tomorrow but I am so happy with how the day went. I think with a great pair of biking shorts with lots of bum padding I might be able to do the same thing tomorrow. {Just kidding, of course I will have to rest. I also went running this morning too. I think that the adventure and moutains here just inspire me to push myself to do more with myself and do more extreme things than I would do normally}.

so I did plan on saying more but this is all I am writing right now...
love, alicia

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