Sunday, May 31, 2009

An email I sent to a friend:

Very great to hear from you! I think about you sometimes and was unsure what was going on in your world! Life is treating me very well right now. I am teaching student’s history that have had trouble (drugs, violence, anger, grades, an interesting combination) at their regular high schools. I have to break up fights and have to use a lot of patience in my classroom. I teach US History and Civics. I have moved and live in a small town called Hickory in North Carolina.

I am taking night classes from Appalachian State University. I am working on my graduate degree in History/ Secondary Education. It is a two year program with Fall, Spring and Summer 1 courses. Right now, I am on my first year between Spring and Summer 1 classes.

I will be in my current town, Hickory for another year to finish graduate school and then I am going to be looking for new opportunities. I would like to move somewhere overseas or maybe work at KISC for a year? I am unsure.

My two sisters are in Switzerland this summer. My sister Alicia (20) is working at Our Chalet in Adelboden for the summer; she is already there right now. Alicia was a Short termer at kisc last summer. My other sister Ellie (18) will be heading to kisc this summer (June 14) for her Short term summer. They are both very excited. I am quite jealous of them.

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