Thursday, April 03, 2003

Just sitting at work as usual.
I am going home tonight to go to a date at 9 am tomarrow that I can't miss.
I have been thinking alot about where I am currently at, and where I want to go and I am rather pleased with the results. I am keeping my stuff in order and just got to figure everything out. I am excited about this summer, Philmont and excited about being on the automotive crew next year which is really cool and I think will help me to have more fun and stay focused. I have deicded to go the route of History/ Secondary education and maybe also Outdoor Leadership but we will see if I can work everyhting out. I have to do student teaching so that may have an effect on everything.

Not much really to report. Father is complaining about relationship with the girls but their is not much I can really do without stepping on people's toes which I really have to intention of doing because then that irritates everyone.

The day of judgment is tomarrow and will decide what my summer plans are which is excited and scary at the same time, we will see how it goes.

I had a poster for ENS due today and I really think I did a good job so I am excited to see what the teacher says.

I got into a ODL internship that I will use for Philmont so that will give me some credits so that is good and it is really cool to be in a class of older ODL students. But in some ways I wasnt impressed by their inabilitiy even at a junior level to complete a simple activity such as a cover letter. This I hope is not the standard student but we will see.

I talked to Jess and she said this is what I make it. So well lets see what I make off it hopefully all A+'s you know...
I don't think she is coming back which is sad cause I really like her on a freind basis, I know she feels the same way but you know, you got to go where the heart needs to go, not where the external things say to go.

I know for me it is time to be in school so that is what I am doing. I am excited by the prospect of possibly doing my student teaching at RCHS, now sure I made this idea up and havent gotten any real confermation we will see...

Went to Atlanta (ATL) last weekend and stayed with a friends roomate and then worked with kids with disabilities and had a blast. It was really really fun and I learned alot and I think they had as much fun and I did. Great experiences make a life.

We all have our crazy times but it is our meaningful times that we remember.

Ok well I think we can all one day when we are old and wise figure it all out.

But thinking deep is sometimes really challenging and forces us to think harder and sometimes not understand, But that is just the name of the game.
One day at a time....

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